Drawing out the stories and voices of women in design

In this conversational series with female designers across the globe, we will explore unique and personal stories about career challenges, cultures, creative outlets and the struggles faced when trading creativity for money.

This podcast engages design's kind and kindred souls—those women who crave collaboration and seek to combat isolation and insecurity through story telling and knowledge sharing.


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Big—HUGE—thanks to my favorite email marketing company, Campaign Monitor. I am beyond thankful for their partnership in this project. With a stellar product built by designers, for designers, along with unmatched customer service, I am proud to tout their greatness.

10 April 2014

006 Big heart, better community with Jade Tang

As a well traveled Kiwi, Jade Tang takes an intentional and humanitarian approach to running her business. She runs Curative with her equally passionate business partner. In this week's episode, Jade shares her insight on business partnerships, hiring employees, and positioning yourself as a leader. Warning: this episode may cause you to buy a plane ticket to New Zealand just to give Jade a hug.

03 April 2014

005.3 Below the Fold Mini-episode: Uncomfy

Whether you're building a business, refining a brand, or bettering yourself, making big changes and being in-transition can feel like you're never all put together. This week's mini-episode is all about being content in that space.

Show links: Sarah Bray, A Small Nation

27 March 2014

005.2 Below the Fold Mini-episode: Not my fault

Working with clients can be tricky, especially when you're just starting out. In this mini-episode, I share a couple projects from my past that did not go so well. You'll learn my take on spotting red flags, sticking to your scope, and earning client trust.

20 March 2014

005.1 Below the Fold Mini-episode: Permission

I've got an important message to share this week.

13 March 2014

005 Snowball momentum in productivity and paying off debt with Katelin Anderson

Just a few short years ago, Katelin Anderson was buried in a mound of student loans from design school. Desiring more freedom to travel, work on big creative side projects, and invest more intentionally in other areas of her life, she hunkered down and paid them off. In this episode, Katelin and I transparently discuss numbers, the challenges of branding your own business, adventurous road trips, and productivity.

Show links: Total Money Makeover | 90 Minute Workday